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Talula’s Daily

Today’s visit was at Talula’s Daily. I always passed the corner where Talula’s is located next to Washington Square Park. My thought was that it was only a restaurant but today curiosity proved me wrong. I stepped inside to be warmed with genuine smiles and a place not only to order coffee, but to take out beer as well. When I went further inside I discovered that it is a market as well, with an assortment of cheeses, salads, and sandwiches. When the opportunity comes across to you, take a look at Talula’s Daily to see the decorative detail that is put into the market/cafe/coffee shop to make it such a welcoming place.


Rival Brothers Coffee

After being on a two and a half month long hiatus from the Philly Coffee Shop Diaries, I’m happy to announce that I’m back. Today was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to take a stroll along the streets throughout University City. I stumped upon Rival Brothers Coffee, on 24th and Lombard, while wandering around. I was more than pleased with the service and even though I didn’t buy a cup of coffee, the ice citrus tea I had was more than satisfying. If ever in a rush while in the University City area, Rival Brothers is the place to go to get what you need, in a short amount of time, and more importantly leave fulfilled.


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